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Had one of the best weekends I've had in Australia for ages! (let's forget for a minute I was away for 6 months). Last night, I was on some natural high (and quite possibly still drunk..considering we stopped drinking at 6am). Today, yeah...not so great.

I hate those lows. You know the ones where you start over analysing certain events until you're at the point where you've convinced yourself it was nothing, only 'cause of alcohol.

Still another 4 days. Sigh.



It's been 3 days since I got home, and this whole euphoric feeling is nowhere to be seen.

Yes, I was excited about getting home, and yes, I was excited about seeing friends and family...but as soon as I did see them it was all a bit meh. Don't get me wrong, I love everyone just as much. Just it doesn't feel like I've been gone with I see them.

I had hoped that when I'd see them..it would be this hugely exciting experience. I'd hoped I'd see as big a change in them as I feel in myself. But I don't.

Europe was the greatest experience, and now I understand what people mean when they say you feel a definite down when getting home.

Even Uni yesterday depressed me. Had a German placement course, and hearing German didn't excite me to learn the language further, it saddened me that I'm not in Berlin, or travelling around Europe anymore.

On a happier note...next adventure IS planned. Studying overseas. If things go my way...I'll be in the States or Canada. Possible 2009. I'm getting butterflyish already! Accoring to some test I took (thanks Flem!), I've only visited 7% of the worlds countries! I still want to visit America, North America, South Africa, Africa, South America, the Middle East and Asia!! I've gotta get started.
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It's been SO long since Ive updated here.

Not a huge amount to say, or a huge amount of time to say it in. Work in 10 minutes.

Berlin is...cold. Housemates frustrate the shit out of me. I need Amy back. Badddddddd.

Uhm, going to Hamburg this weekend with Ben and Nick. Woot. That's a slightly exaggerated woot too.

Christmas kind of soon. Christmas means Milan, Modena, Venice and Rome. Well...Christmas DAY means Milan. Will be greatttttt. 

My family is slack. Never contact me. Wah.


Missing friends back home. Spoke to Flem last night, and Al this morning. That was nice.

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So, I haven't updated in ages.

Figured I probably should. Can't decide whether or not to keep on updating here when I'm in Germany or not. I dunno who really still checks this thing, so I'm not entirely sure it'd be worth my time.

Let's see, what's been happening...

My last 4 days has basically been spent home. I got my 4 wisdom teeth taken out on Wednesday, which was fine. Hasn't been too much pain since, but it's been annoying enough for me to want to stay home. I went shopping with Lucy yesterday at Southland, spoke to some guy at a store who was AMAZED I could speak properly. Apparently when he had his teeth out, he was mute for about 2 weeks! I found that bizarre.

Tonight going down to the Wick, Aaron's playing either solo, or maybe with Bo? Either way, I should head down and check it out...try and stomach a beer or two, see how many antibiotics takes it.

Uhm what else. Oh, this weekend..going to be MASSSSSSSSSSSIVE. It's my last in Australia for 6 months, so it outta be. Friday night Craft are having their first gig at the Hi-Fi, so I'll be heading to that, should be gooooooooood. Nights with those guys always end big. Saturday nigt is the Pirate Party...same guys again, should be another biggggggggg night. Sunday, well...not entirely sure, but I'm going out somewhere with the Wesley people so that'll be nice.

AH! 11 days. Is it time to freak out yet?

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Spell your name out in band names or singers.

Senses Fail
Lola Ray
Living End
Ying Yang Twins. Ahahaha.


Black jeans, green long sleeved top, black work tshirt and jumper.

Bayside - Kellum.

Woodfired Pizza or something shapes (biscuits)

Cold, rainy and bleurgh.


Yargon. Mum gets annoying, but who's doesn't?




No one comes to mind.


Mates. Going out.

1. Bed.
2. Stereo.
3. Me.
4. Clothes.
5. Drum sticks.
6. Glass head.
7. Weights.

1. Voice.
2. Smile.
3. The section of skin above the jock line.
4. Eyes.
5. Arrogance...hawt.

Have you ever:

Been in love?: Loved, dunno about IN love.
Had a medical emergency?:  Yep
Had surgery?: Nope.
Swam in the dark?: Yep.
Slept outdoors?: Yep
Pulled an all nighter?: Yep.
Been on radio/tv?: Yep.
Been to a party?: Yep
Gotten lost in the woods?: Yep. In Germany.
Do you have any gay/lesbian friends?: Yep.


Wallet: Empty.
Coffee: Lifeeee.
Cologne/Perfume: Lots of diff.

In the last 24 Hours have you....

Cried: Nope.
Bought something: A magazine.
Gotten sick: Nope.
Sang: Yep.
Been kissed: Nope =(
Talked to an ex: Nope.
Talked to someone you have a crush on: Eh, don't do crushes.
Had a serious talk: Yep.
Missed someone: Yep.
Hugged someone: Yep.
Argued with a parent(s): Yepppp.
Attend Church: Nope.


Thing you drank: Coffee.
Place you went: Work.
Person you IMed: Robin.

last questions

1. your name? Sally.
Where's 2?
3. what songs do you sing in the shower?
Whatever is playing on my iPod.

4. What were you afraid of as a child?
Corpse inside my mattress.

5. When and why did you last vomit?
About 2 months ago. Too much goon.

6. What's in your pockets right now?
5 cents and an extra wrapped.

7. what color are your bedroom walls?
Off white.

8. Last thing that made you laugh?
Something Sarah said maybe?

9. nicknames your parents call you?
Sal, Sal-Sal. Yay, boring.

10. Things you shout to stupid drivers?
Ahaha. Not for the kiddies.

11. How do you like your chocolate?

12. Others describe your butt as?
Never asked?

13. Describe your fingernails?

14. what will you be doing tomorrow?
Oral surgeons appointment, meeting Ben, then meeting Sim and Em and stuff.

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I wanna go to America, and Canada. Bad.

So Sam and I are gonna go in July 2008! After I'm back from Germany, and have had a summer to work my butt off to make money!!

Sam says:
what you do is...fly to LA, spend like 4 days there and go to disneyland...then you could go to san fran maybe, then across to miami and then up to new york then up to vancouver then back down to LA to fly out.
Sam says:
maybe cancun before miami =)

Woooooooooooooooooo. I'm getting fucking ewfiebfw already, and I haven't even made it back alive from Germany yet!!

BRING ON THE YANKS!...and Maple Leafs.

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My brother came home with a Safeway tub, y'know..the kind you put olives and stuff in. I ask him what he's got. He says a frog. I laugh, and say no really.

He came over, and opened the lid. Inside there's the CUTESTTTT widdle green froggy. Apparently he found it in a box of banana's ahahaha.


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So, had one of my best weekends in awhile. So glad exams are over.

Friday night was kind of boring I guess...but good. Just went to Matt's place to watch the footy.

Saturday night, however, was biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig. Sim and I went to the bottle-o, on the search for new and exciting drinks to try. However, we remained completely predictable..her sticking with her chick drinks, and me sticking with my bourbon.

Best news of that outting was that 6 buck-chuck (aka Passion Pop) no longer has to be $6. WE FOUND IT FOR $3.50 A BOTTLE! and...AND! Passion pop has a sister, called Crackling Peach. Same lovely artificial taste, however with a twist of peach as opposed to passionfruit.

So, at around 8:00 we went to Lauren's joint for pre-drinks for her 19th. Thennn we went to GPO. It was full of all the 'pretty people', and I felt completely out of place. Twas like metro-central. Anywho, I left there at around midnight, and walked from Bourke St, to Crown by myself. I got to abuse people in cars who kept yelling out "ILL GIVE YA $40!" and seedy old men who were as drunken as me who were making inappropriate comments.

Uhm yeah. Anyway, after walking for about 25 minutes, I finnnaalllyy met up with Pixie, Al and Murph (twas Murph's 23rd).

We went to some side-street bar that was underneath of a carpark. Twas random. Anyway, once there I had the most amusing night I've had in awhile.

Extremely funny, awkward conversations with someone, and yeah. Hmm.

This post is extremely boring for any of those who don't know the people I'm talking about, or the places I'm referring to.

But y'know what, leck mich an arsch.

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So, Pez, Josh and I were thinking of hiring an apartment out at Crown for the night. But, it's like $400 a night, cheapest room, and we can't have that many people. I don't want to pay up too $90 just for accomodation, we'll need booze-tab on top of that!

Any ideas anyone? Plus, I don't want to be the only girl! I wish Gem was here to help me balance the ratio out. Stupid foreigners stealing her.

Anyone have any ideas for cheaper accomo, or random fun ideas?